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The child sand families personal information must be locked up in some kind of filing cabinet at the registered child minders home. The rights that all children have the rights to survive; to develop to the fullest and to protect from the harmful influences abuse and exploitation and to participate fully in family, culture and social life.

Be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution achieve economic well-being. Confidentiality is a set of rules or promises set up by the persons involved putting restrictions on certain types of information. You can join PACEY and get regular updates on government changes, Laws, training opportunities, they have discounts on insurance and generally helpful to people working in childcare.

When child minding you will be having children from different backgrounds and region the Equality act says that everyone has a legal duty to be inclusive, which means that on a child minder, we must offer an inclusive service to children, their families and any visitors to air homes.

We need to make sure all policies and procedures are up to date. There are no particular entry requirements to start studying although students do require a suitable work placement in order to complete their coursework.

You must password protect your computer files this is important so no other adult or child can access the personal information.

Children and Young Peoples Workforce

Groups are set up in your local areas so the children can play and the childminders can get any information they need. Students may register at any time and have a full year to complete their studies.

Because this is a competence based qualification, students will need to have a placement in a child care setting in which to gather evidence of skills and learning, and you will need to nominate a workplace supervisor who will oversee your practical evidence gathering.

The convention protects the rights by setting standards in health care, eduction and legal,civil and social services. You also have access to a personal tutor by mail or email for a 12 month period.

This could be a full time position or a voluntary position of 1 or 2 mornings, afternoons or days per week. Each of the units requires students to provide relevant coursework to make up there complete portfolio.

It requires demonstration of competence in communicating with children and young people, developing and maintaining relationships with children and young people, and supporting relationships between children and young people and others in the work setting. Covers sex discrimination, race and disability discrimination, regarding all people equal.

Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (QCF)

The role to us as child minders is to ensure these children receive the best possible care in all setting while away from their homes. The Equality Act defines several types of unlawful discrimination and in direct discrimination.

They also have the information of social service staff like child protection officers. Children and young people workforce Diploma Level 3 by Emma Staynings This change meant there was more information and advice at a local level. Practitioners and social services and Education working together in teams.Children & Young People's Workforce L2.

This site is suitable for students studying CACHE Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People's Workforce. There are 12 modules and all provide bite size information to support you with classroom learning.

The certificate for the Children and Young People's Workforce is a generic qualification that will be relevant across the Children and Young People's Workforce in England.

Children & Young People's Workforce Diploma - Level 3

It is mapped to the CWDC Induction Standards and the Children's Care Learning and. This qualification covers early years and children's residential homes. It is suitable for Child Minders,Day Care Supervisors, Sure Start Workers, Community Nursery Nurses and those working in a residential setting for children and young people.

Positive Role Model in the Children and Young Peoples Workforce Words | 4 Pages. what is a positive role model in children and young peoples work force and all about you and your job role.

words words evaluation Include your qualities skills & workplace policies and procedures. OCR Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce QCF Children and Young People’s Workforce Centre Handbook OCR Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s and young children D// 6 3 45 25 Lead and manage a community based early years setting H// 6 4 It is intended to guide and assess development of knowledge and skills relating to the children and young people’s workforce and will provide progression to the early learning and childcare, social care and learning development and support services workforces.

Children and young peoples workforce 45
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