Essay on changes in indian society

The origin of caste system may be raced to the Varna system of Rig Veda. A social process is continuity, and whatever product it generates, that co-exists with the very process itself; as soon as the process is stopped, the product disappears. A study of history tells us, therefore, that material progress was not made in different societies for a considerable length of time for the simple reason that in such societies the level of non-material culture remained low.

Excessive heat or cold will not help the concentration of habitation in any locality, nor will human beings tend to settle down in places that are devoid of the minimum of natural resources.

Cultural, social and political tensions based on caste, ethnicity and politics of interest groups rampant today have been a part of this process ever since independence.

Modern India is passing through a transition. It constituted the basic household unit of the village community. The religious origination did well to the society in the same proportion. Some of the example being the value of inequality or hierarchy conveyed through the idea of purity-pollution, the idea of unity or holism meaning that different parts are united in one body, social.

According to him, the economic order depends on the productive forces that develop into new forms. Accommodation in the cities is expensive and child-care is demanding. Rise of Buddhims is particularly of importance. Rapid progress without traditional resistance is being made in the field of science and technology.

Cultural advance necessarily signifies change in the social structure and such advance has to be basically in non-material terms, as an anthropologist would put it.

Indian Society: Factors Responsible for Changes in Indian Society

This feature has, further, hindered the recognition and use of Hindi as the official language of the Union. There are few reasons to believe that these readings will not hold good in the latter half of the century. Illiteracy creates so many social problems.

Everybody now knows that people and objects are conveyed round the world more swiftly than in the past and that the words and messages can cross the world in minutes and seconds.

Social Changes in India: Its Meaning and Factors

When man is habituated to his own work, his propensities to act are determined by habits that condition their expression. These movements have had both a cultural and structural dimension. Just as changes occur in human life, different phases of development characterize the march of a society.

Short essay on Changes in Indian Society

People living in colder countries can be more hard-working than those of warmer climates, and man necessarily learns to correlate his efforts to the geographical conditions in which he lives.

Changes in cities are also reflected in many other social systems. Even from very ancient times, people have migrated from their country of origin to another, and on several occasions political persecution has been the cause behind such activity.

Essay on Indian Society: Many of the functions of the family have been taken away by the modern institutions of the society. He will merely state the facts and analyse them. It has brought about a decline in social discrimination and reduced the exploitation of the poor.

This exposure, though not always beneficial, has served to open Indian minds to receive new ideas and views. Socio-cultural dynamics would mean the change in the social and cultural attributes of a society.

An attempt is on to limit their role. Indian society has been continuously subjects to demographic change both due to influx of foreigners as well as due to the internal growth of the population.

Technological developments have made the individual more conscious about his individuality, and the formation of various voluntary associations for the purpose of engaging in purposive thoughts upon problems of the society and of the individual is indicative of such rising consciousness.

Towards the later Vedic times, settled agricultural communities come into existence. Secondly, factory employment has freed young adults from direct dependence upon their families.Subsequent discussion on socio cultural dynamics in Indian society shall focus on two aspects (A) what has been the context of change (B) How these change came about.

(A) Taking Aryan society of the Vedic times as a point of departure, we can have an overview of these changes in demographic, familial, stratificational, economic and political. But it changes whenever new forces of transformation emerge.

Similar is the case of Indian society and culture.

Short essay on the recent Social Changes in India

India is an agrarian country and three-fourth of her population is engaged in agriculture. Agricultural economy forms the material basis for Indian people.

It determines India's social organization and institutional matrix. There are a number of factors which are responsible for continuity and change in Indian society. Change may occur through adaptation or inte­gration. Adaptation occurs when existing institutions readjust to meet new needs.

Indian Society: Factors Responsible for Changes in Indian Society. Article shared Indian society has tried to. Change in family structure: The impact of modern social forces is evident in the change of family structure.

Basically joint family system is prevalent in India in which the head of the family exercised absolute power over its members.

1360 Words Essay on Changing Face of Indian Society

These Changes were the major achievements of Indian Society. These changes have removed the traditions and methodologies which was a curse to all the women and humanity.

These Changes were the major revolution in the Indian Society. Social Change In Indian Society. The Changes of the Social Structure in Society Society’s obsession with the rankings of social class has been a problem for many years, and it will likely continue to be obsessed over.

However, the classification of the people within each class has changed over time. The official definition of social class is: a broad group in society having common economic.

Essay on changes in indian society
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