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Is the image clear? While source E justifies the failure as due to man power or lack thereof and resources, Source F puts forth an argument regarding the pressures of the Home front to sue for peace. For instance, for studying popular sentiment on the home front.

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If you know a few dates, referred to in the source but not specified, throwing Example source answers for usefulness and in will really impress the marker. Are there specific details? If so, how might historiographical period influence their writing? This is a useful detailed document that also provides examples of the value of different types of sources.

Sources that appear at the bottom of the diagram are produced by people who are interpreting the past for their own reasons. A source matrix Sources that appear to the left of the diagram are typically produced through an artistic medium such as poetry or film.

It is easy to score at least half of the points for the usefulness question, and it is not too difficult to score nearly full marks. But if we want to understand what it was like to be poor then we are best off reading the novels of Emile Zola.

If they are someone you know more information about Ludendorff etc. If we are to be successful, we require an unusually wide range of skills. These two sources are most useful when used in collaboration with each other.

Presumably primary quotes are used, but not sourced in this extract, maybemaking the writings reliability problematic.

History is unusual as an academic subject, in so far as it is considered to be both a human science like economics and an art like literature.

There are no clear anti-German sentiments, and rather appear as a factual secondary account of events. Are they more useful when taken together, or not? In general, the more reliable a source is, the more useful it tends to be.

Are there clear anti-German sentiments? This is because every source is different, and every question is different.

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Sources on the right of the diagram are less imaginative and more factual. Entry or improved enemy tanks. These are the main points for answering usefulness questions. Rather than evaluate the failure of the offensives, it describes Ludendorff encouraging his possible eventual success, an argument deemed irresponsible by the Chancellor.

This is evident from Stalin towering over all the people. However there are certainly some general structural tips I can give you, as well as some ideas as to what you should be looking out for when reading a source.

A cartoon of Stalin which appeared in a British newspaper around Does the source ignore important aspects of the problem? The more directly you refer to the source, the better! How are they writing? Who are they talking too in the source?

As such, your answer should be two sided. Do I analyse the sources concurrently, or individually?

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Assess how useful sources E and F would be for a historian assessing the reasons for the failure of the Ludendorff Offensives. You can even get your Modern History essays marked! You need to be ready to shape your structure, and your content, to the source itself. Government statistics concerning changing population or lists of legislation are typical of this type of source.

Within each of those points may be and almost certainly will be things like type of source, audience, potential bias, origin etc. Ellipses also limit reliability. What helps to establish the perspective of the individual writing the source? Beyond primary and secondary A more useful binary framework for assessing the usefulness of sources is to consider sources as either broadly scientific or artistic.Sep 02,  · Review the source’s usefulness.

All sources have uses and, apart from facts, can tell us about the perspectives of a person or group of people.

For example, how does the source highlight major historical debates or events? Does it add to our knowledge of these developments? This version of How to Answer a Source Question in History 67%(33).

Sample Survey Questions, Answers and Tips | Page 4 About these Sample Questions These sample questions are provided to help you determine what you should ask in a survey as well as what ques. Source Analysis Tips and Tricks to get a Band 6 By Jake Silove in Study 1st of April We’ve had a lot of messages about Modern History source analysis questions.

They’re a really tough part of the course, and walking out of the exam it’s often really difficult to tell how you’ve gone. Usefulness – Is the source useful FOR THE. Apr 14,  · Usefulness questions are among the toughest questions in the Source Based section.

Many weak students tend to write very little for this question, or. GCSE History example answers and commentaries, Paper 1B/D Commentary – Level 4 The response addresses each source and explains the usefulness of the content and.

Source A is useful and reliable to a historian as it is a primary source. Source A is a British propaganda poster and was designed in by the British recruitment office or the Government, to encourage married men to enlist.

Example source answers for usefulness and
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