Factors influencing plant layout

Economic consideration Cost This can be viewed from two perspectives: The layout should be consider as a whole. Every company is expected to serve its customers by providing goods and services at the time needed and at reasonable price organizations may choose to locate facilities close to the market or away from the market depending upon the product.

The layout should be able to modify when necessary. Importing labor is usually costly and involve administrative problem.

Top 8 Factors Influencing Industrial Plant Layout

Factors affecting layout planning of hotels? As each product is non- standardized varying in size and nature, it requires separate job for production. Industrial Engineering and Management.

In the case of urbanization economies, firms derive from locating in larger cities rather than in smaller ones in a search of having access to a large pool of labor, transport facilities, and as well to increase their markets for selling their products and have access to a much wider range of business services.

It is better suited for low volume job production. The non-availability of power may become a survival problem for such industries. The eight factors affecting plant layout are as follows: This should also be considered that each machine and equipment is used to its fullest capacity because machines involve a huge investment.

So in the layout, it is to be seen that from where electrical cables will pass and where protecting devices, switches, starters and control panels are to be fixed. Now from thick sheets of paper or card board pieces are cut known as templates to represent various items which are to be housed in the plants, and are placed on the floor plans at suitable places.

Knowledgiate Team December 16, 0 2 minutes read We have to study all the factors affecting the plant layout, e. Ship building is an appropriate example of this kind.

When a single raw material is used without loss of weight, locate the plant at the raw material source, at the market or at any point in between. It means easy changing to new arrangements or it includes flexibility and expendability of layouts.

Factors Influencing Plant Location in Operation Management Production and Operations Management

It is also very important aspect. Unlike process layout, the routing, scheduling, dispatching and follow up are relatively easier. This involves the process of separation, for example, aluminium is separated from bauxite 7 Repairs and maintenance of equipment and machines: Layout plans differ according to the type of production.

Design and specification of materials, quantity and quality of materials and combination of materials are probably the most important factors to be considered in planning a layout. The spatial needs for machines, material handling equipment and available floor space are important influences on plant location.

The layout should be such that it follows the basic regulatory requirements for the construction of a pharmaceutical plant. Efficient material handling system can be used for light products.

It makes repairs and maintenance easy. Batch production carries the production of goods in batches or group at intervals. Too much space on the other hand may also reduce productivity and to an extent a waste of capital which should be used in putting other things in place.

It reduces set up and total operation time. The idea is to maximize the utilization of space. These firms particularly need access to financial capital and also skilled educated employees. In this type of manufacturing the product is standardized and production is made generally in anticipation of sales.

General guidelines suggested by Yaseen regarding effects of raw materials on plant location are: If machines are heavy in weight or create noisy atmosphere, stationery layout may reasonably be adopted.

What are the climatic factors that affect growth of rubber plants?

Rectangular method in this method the trees are planted farther apart from east to west rather than north to south. In order to have a balanced regional growth of industries, both central and state governments in our country offer the package of incentives to entrepreneurs in particular locations.

This factor becomes very important if the materials are perishable and cost of transportation is very high.Definition of Plant Layout Plant Layout is the physical arrangement of equipment and facilities within a Plant.

The Plant Layout can be indicated on a floor plan showing the distances between different features of the plant. contents definitions of plant layout objectives of plant layout factors influencing plant layout 2 plant layout study types of plant layout principles of good plant layout 3.

PLANT LAYOUT STUDY A plant layout study is an engineering study used to analyze different physical configurations for a manufacturing plant. The following are some important factors, which influence the planning of effective layout to a significant degree.

1. Nature of the product: The nature of the product to be manufactured will significantly affect the layout of the plant. Some of the major factors which affect plant layout are: (1) Policies of management (2) Plant location (3) Nature of the product (4) Volume of production (5) Availability of floor space (6) Nature of manufacturing process and (7) Repairs and maintenance of equipment and machines.

A scientific criteria for determining a good Plant Layout: 1. Integration: Integrates of men, materials and machines and support services in order to.

ADVERTISEMENTS: The eight factors affecting plant layout are as follows: 1. Man Factor 2. Material Factor 3. Machinery Factor 4. Movement Factor 5. Waiting Factor 6. Service Factor 7. Building Factor 8. Flexibility Factor.

Factors influencing plant layout
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