Fiscal and non fiscal barriers in international marketing

Other barriersor limitations are added costs such as tariffs, duties, and taxes. Security — measures to prevent and combat crime, racism, xenophobia, coordination and cooperation between police and judicial authorities as well as a mutual recognition of judgements.

For example, Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary measures are one form of the non-tariff international trade barrier that has been developed to protect the consumer against unsafe products and deceptive marketing practices.

Poverty alleviation and Employment Generation: But making a rule is not sufficient to eliminate non-tariff barriers. The so-called decentralized model of integration is based on the principles of non-discrimination, market access, and competitive federalism.

Similarly subsidies and tax concessions have also been given to encourage imports and as a result it has affected exports and imports of the country. Some justifications seen are tue discouragement of certain games Bergandiregional development Natural Sweet Winesreserving petrol Chemial Farmaceutici.

Reduction in Inequality of Income and Wealth: What is fiscal incentives? For this to function two conditions are needed: As such, a company engaging in multinational marketing is a corporate citizen of the world, whereas international marketing implies the presence of a home base.


Product specifications are often written in such detail that a fair chance of winning a contract might mandate extensive product modification. The protection of local industry is facilitated through government procurement policies, export subsidies, countervailing duties and domestic assistance programs.

Included in this set of measures are also the technical procedures that confirm that products fulfill the requirements laid down in regulations and standards. It is important for you to be fully aware of these barriers since overcoming these barriers can be cost prohibitive, especially when you are caught off-guard.

It identified three principle obstacles: The first step is to be aware that these barriers exist. This should help lead to innovative legislation, promote diversity and experimentation in the search for effective legal solutions, and give an active role to state authorities.

Structural unemployment cannot be tackled by fiscal policy. There are two common forms of discrimination: Other barriers could be "etiquette" and chain of command - political standing, cultural and social proprieties such as " saving face" to orientals.

What is a fiscal policy?

European Union EU —The EU has adopted a series of directives that establish essential requirements for a whole variety of equipment including telecommunications equipment. Keiretsu are large groups of Japanese companies linked together often through one main affiliated bank.

Com v Italy, had an Italian law that banned towing a trailer with a moped, motorcycle or motor tricycle. Huge investment with negative return in public sector:Start studying NON-FISCAL BARRIERS.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 3 I Marketing Barriers in International Trade Sak Onkvisit and John J. Shaw 64 Sak Onkvisit is an associate professor of marketing at San Jose State University, and JohnJ.

Shaw is an associate professor of marke,t~g at Providence College. The fiscal barriers are being addressed by the Fiscal Compliance Expert Group, while the Legal Certainty Group is working on the legal barriers Europarl8 In addition, we call on the Commission to speed up work on eliminating the fiscal barriers hindering the transfer of employment pensions.

How do trade barriers affect international trade?

Fiscal barriers to trade – e.g differing rates of VAT and excise duties. The white paper identified measures needed to complete the single market. The Single European Act was the first significant treaty amendment after the treaty of Rome and provided the necessary means to achieve these objectives.

Fiscal barriers include not having enough money or capital tobegin. Non fiscal barriers include consumers not being interested Iyour ideas or products. Start studying Fiscal Barriers to Trade.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. (or international) law o A tax must impose the same duty on both domestic products and identical exported products at .

Fiscal and non fiscal barriers in international marketing
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