My daily routine essay in spanish

The video is easy to follow and also includes many important things you will not find in the rest of the lesson. I maintain my dairy.

171 Words Essay on my Daily Routine

Then I have breakfast with my brothers and my parents. It all comes to practice and seeing examples, so here is one more daily routine description for you to learn a few more things. After taking a little rest, I go to the play ground. My daily routine in Spanish — Mi rutina diaria Listen to two friends talking about daily routines in Spanish and chores.

The children go to sleep at 10 pm. Before the sun set I return to my home.

La Rutina – Describing your Daily Routine in Spanish

But there are minor changes. I take down the important notes. I also take part in social work. Besides this I read the daily newspapers and weeklies. This lesson will go a little further and teach you to use the right vocabulary, phrases and structures to describe your daily routine in Spanish to your friends or class.

Before breakfast I brush my teeth and get dressed. Finally I go to school and come back home at noon. Siempre ayudo a limpiar la casa, lavar los trastes y hacer los quehaceres en la casa.

This will make the descriptions more real and complete. Read each question carefully and answer according to the information provided in the conversation.

There is a tip for every correct answer. After finishing my regular lessons, I take my bath and meal. Rather I go to the common room and refresh myself by taking part in indoor and outdoor games. I say my Asar prayer.

I take my supper. Antes de desayunar yo me cepillo los dientes y me visto. I play football or other outdoor games with my class mates. Normally I go to bed at 11 p.

I always sit in the first bench and listen to what my teachers say. Rosa does many things by herself.Glossary of Spanish words and expressions to describe daily routines. Mar 02,  · Spanish Paragraph describing daily routine for high school spanish class?

There are lots of different activities you can include in your daily routine. You can learn a few of them and how they work with this free Spanish lesson.

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Status: Resolved. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Spanish Daily Routines. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Essays; Resource Center; Sign Up My Daily Routine I normally wake up at am wash my face and brush my teeth with a brush.

La Rutina – Describing your Daily Routine in Spanish Write a short essay talking about your daily routine. You can simply write three paragraphs, one talking about your morning routine in Spanish, another about the activities you do in the afternoon and so on.

La Rutina - Describing your Daily Routine in Spanish Common Spanish. Spanish phrases with English translations on the topic of Talking about your daily routine.

Next, I usually watch some TV and chat with my family then I do my homework and help my mother in the house. At 9 o’clock I read a book and go to sleep.

My Daily Life Essay

Also your daily routine essay or the sentences in the paragraph should have some of the following.

My daily routine essay in spanish
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