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After Pakistan gave Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee a 21 gun salute on his visit it was hoped that the artillery of the two sides would fall silent for a while to give the historic Lahore Declaration a chance to succeed. It was reported as "the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades".

Nawaz Sharif from the position where he had been cornered by his own betrayal of the Lahore agreement, the Kargil misadventure, forced Pakistan to call off its support to the intruders and its own army. An Indian man held in Pakistani prisons since as an accused spy walked across the border to freedom 3 Marchan unconditional release that Pakistan said was done to improve relations between the two countries.

The Fort houses an Indian military unit and a high-security interrogation cell used both by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Indian Army.

An Essay on Kargil War

The infantry climbed and fought without rest and respite. Any escalation of conflict will be entirely the responsibility of Pakistan", added further.

Their plan gained momentum when the existing Government of India was reduced to a minority and fresh elections were called. Shariff at last succumbed to the international pressure and agreed to pull back the intruders.

He had to cut short his visit and return home. Pakistan is hell bent in on internationalizing Kashmir. These events have soured the peace talks immensely.

By the end of the month a war like situation in Kargil was declared. Vajpayee was absolutely clear that there was no way of he was going to allow Pakistan to occupy Indian territory especially in a strategic area like Kargil and ordered the armed forces to take any action necessary to evict the invaders.

The decision, however, cost New Delhi dearly. The cause of the war was the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of the LOC, which serves as the de facto border between the two states.

Return Navy plane, crew now Chinese authorities move crew members from the EP-3 plane to a military guesthouse, sailor says The Indian Army, later on supported by the Indian Air Force, recaptured a majority of the positions on the Indian side of the LoC infiltrated by the Pakistani troops and militants.

Media and the Kargil War

The relations between Pakistan and India have been subject to many strains by numerous political dilemmas in history and currently as well, they include the Partition of British India inthe Kashmir dispute and the many military conflicts which have been fought between the two states.

Srinagar-Leh highway free from the Pakistan threat. During the times of Independence Jinnah and Gandhi had overheated discussions, moreover around five hundred thousand Muslims and Hindus were murdered in riots following the partition. Coming at a time of exploding growth in electronic media such as television channels, etc in India, the Kargil news stories and war footages were often telecast live on TV with many websites providing in-depth analysis of the war.

Terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideenclaimed responsibility for the attack. The attack was carried out on 25 Septemberjust few days after state elections were held in Jammu and Kashmir.

These media persons risking their lives every day by going into the heart of the war and staring death in the face do so for a greater purpose. Pakistan has long accused Afghanistan of harboring Baloch separatist rebels and attempting to sponsor separatist tendencies amongst its Pashtun and Baloch populations, going as far back as the s.

Mushahid Hussain, Information Minister of Pakistan. They helped India to rediscover its souls, its underlying oneness. The military buildup was initiated by India responding to a Indian Parliament attack and the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly attack.

India provided evidence in the form of interrogations, weapons, candy wrappers, Pakistani Brand Milk Packets, and telephone sets. A car bomb exploded near the Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly on 1 Octoberkilling 27 people on an attack that was blamed on Kashmiri separatists. This has led to strong tensions between the two countries and even military confrontationsresulting in Pakistan as victorious.

The plight of the refugees outraged Hindus and Indian nationalists, and the refugee population drained the resources of Indian states, which were unable to absorb them. The IAF used fire power of Mirage to flatten the ft. Incidentally, one of the shells fired by Pakistan troops even hit a Doordarshan transmission centre in Kargil, although coverage continued.

Meanwhile India captured all the key peaks at Batalik. Plans would have been made in Islamabad and Rawalpindi months in advance, soldiers and officers would have been recruited and trained in the Baltistan heights of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, equipment and supplies would have been stocked close to the line of control where the battle raged.

Steps have been taken many at times to better the relations between the two neighbors these include the Agra Summit, Shimla Summit and the Lahore Summit. Pakistan media played up this apparent lack of free speech in India, while the latter claimed it was in the interests of national security.Pakistan bows to India's demand that its forces must withdraw to well north of the LoC in the Kargil sector by the deadline of July 16, morning.

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On July 13, Indian troops recaptured the sin Bajrang post in the Kaksar subsector and on July 14 (50th Day) Pakistan withdrew all its forces from the Indian side of LoC. Feb 11,  · Wars (Kargil War between India and Pakistan, ), riots (Los Angeles and San Fransisco, ), diseases and epidemics (Foot-and-mouth, and SARS,) Save Paper; 15 Page; Words; paper.

India and China have been working to establish trust and build cooperation. Pakistan’s actions during the Kargil War were truly a cause for fury and it is no surprise that India has resisted any further negotiation with Pakistan regarding the Kashmir issue.

The Kargil War (Hindi: करगिल युद्ध kārgil yuddh),(Urdu: کارگل جنگ kārgil jang), also known as the Kargil conflict,[note (I)] was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC).

An Essay on Kargil War Article shared by The booming of guns across the line of control that divides India and Pakistan in Kashmir is not a new thing but inwhen the two sides exchanged fire in the first week of May, there was some surprise, only because just three months earlier, the Prime Minister of the two countries had embraced each other.

After there was hostility between the two nations mainly because of the Siachen conflict, the worsening of the Kashmir insurgency inthe nuclear tests of India and Pakistan in and in the Kargil War.

Pakistan india and the kargil war politics essay
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