Sensitive items in the military

Russia has the most highly developed export control system in the region. While these ministries are active participants in the evolving export control systems, at the same time they push hard to enable the enterprises for which they have responsibility to follow up every lead for possible sales that technically comply with international requirements.

Department of State response to committee questions, February In any event, a party seeking technical data for use in designing new types of weapons systems probably would not be deterred by violations of patent and copyright laws.

Also, there are reports that Russian border guards will be deployed on the northern, southern, and western boundaries of Belarus. Larger pieces of secret shipments, such as missiles, may require outside storage. Page 94 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Page 87 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Growing Interests in Producing Dual-Use Items As military orders declined, almost all defense enterprises in the four successor countries began searching for new products they could manufacture for civilian markets.

In implementing this requirement, the following considerations apply: These agreements generally emphasize transparency of international transfers rather than proscribed limitations on exports of most weapons-related items, particularly dual-use commodities, and allow each country to decide for itself whether to authorize an export.

Adopting Internationally Acceptable Export Control Systems Many of the countries of the FSU, particularly the four countries of principal interest for this study, have started down the path of adopting export control systems that conform to the approaches developed in the West.

Page 91 Share Cite Suggested Citation: In each of the four capitals, questions arose regarding the appropriateness of involvement of the United States in sensitive areas; and in Russia, problems over U. With the demise of the USSR, however, many manufacturing enterprises have greatly reduced their weapons-related production activities because of the absence of significant orders by the successor governments.

However, the international agreements reached in the frameworks of these regimes call for prohibitions or restrictions on transfers of only the most critical items.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon. The future disposition of many of these goods is uncertain. When traveling by motor convoy, escorts must ensure constant surveillance of classified material. Use the report button. Russia has the strongest capability to check on the appropriateness of proposed end users, but officials acknowledged limitations in confirming end users.

Of special concern is the limited attention of the governments of the successor states to controlling technical data. If the item is not located, say officials, the command will issue an official report to document their efforts to find it and the loss.

In such cases, the container may be considered the outer wrapping or cover. The Common Standard still commands broad international acceptance. Page 90 Share Cite Suggested Citation: In summary, each of the four countries has established or is establishing an interagency regulatory mechanism for reviewing and approving export licenses, and they are installing computerized systems for tracking applications for and action on licenses.

In Russia several new decrees were issued in the spring of that clarified the procedures for addressing dual-use items and the control lists for such items. While data are not available on the extent of such activities, anecdotal evidence suggests that the likelihood of illicit diversions needs to be continuously addressed.

Dual-use items such as electronic control devices, specialty materials, advanced manufacturing equipment, and other commodities for supporting military activities are being stored in anticipation of possible future sales to recover some of their value.

Support equipment such as the CROP. In Russia, for example, customs personnel have increased from 7, to 54, in 4 years; in Ukraine from 2, to 17,; in Belarus from to 6,; and in Kazakstan from 1, to 7, Suggestions to do anything fraudulent, immoral or illegal are not tolerated.

Indeed, many items were classified as secret and simply not considered for export. Thus, the export potential of the successor states of the former Soviet Union FSU —particularly Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakstan—is of great significance from the viewpoint of U.

All decisions on exports of militarily sensitive items were made centrally. The principal concern of almost all firms is increasing their sources of income—a completely understandable response at a time when they are having difficulties meeting payrolls and paying utility bills.

Enter the serial number on the shipment unit packing list. Moderators reserve the right to change flair at will. Department of Commerce, If the classified material is a piece of equipment that is not reasonably packaged and the shell or body is classified, conceal it with a covering that hides all closefisted features.

As they attempt to convert sophisticated military technologies to civilian applications, they inevitably become involved with many items that are included on international dual-use export control lists.

However, only in Russia are the ground rules for such protection reasonably well developed, but even there effective implementation and enforcement seem to be problematic. Countries of proliferation concern, including Libya, Iran, North Korea, and Iraq, are among the many nations that actively explore trade opportunities in 12 U.This website is not affiliated with the U.S.

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HHD, Engineer Brigade. PROPERTY ACCOUNTABILITY AND PHYSICAL SECURITY Equipment. Sensitive Items. equipment, publications, and supplies available to all Military Post Offices (MPOs). It also provides DOD POSTAL SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CATALOG TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Purpose 1 Policy 1 sensitive items of equipment are those valued at $1, or more.

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Soldiers on Lockdown After 'Sensitive' Military Equipment is Stolen from Washington Base

They had decided to keep my punishment to the platoon level and my corrective training was to check everyones sensitive items before and after every mission for a month. or found by someone else. Otherwise it's just "extra military instruction" consisting of being told how fucked.


(military or civilian) employed by their respective governments, Inventory CCI sensitive items quarterly IAW AR Sep 25,  · What Happens if You Misplace Your Weapon on Deployment? What Happens if You Misplace Your Weapon on Deployment?

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So we check our sensitive items religiously. Normally there are two checks a day. Night-vision goggles, armor vests, F fighter components that could only be used by Iran — these and other sensitive military items, some stolen from the U.S. military, have been purchased by.

Sensitive items in the military
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