The activity of potato catalase essay

As such, any potato that is not in use should be covered in cling film to prevent exposure as much as possible, although not entirely. Therefore, the closer the temperature is to the optimum temperature of catalase, the rate of reaction will rapidly increase until the enzyme will undergoe a procedure called denaturation; and then there will be a rapid loss of enzyme activity.

Replace bung immediately and start stopwatch for 5 minutes. Set up equipment as shown above 3. Hydrogen peroxide is a molecule that can attack sulphur atoms and metal ions in protein molecules, and with the aid of iron ions is potentionally mutagenic.

This is where the whole protein structure is destroyed, or denatured. Catalase is an enzyme, found basically in all living cells. Therefore, it can be said that potato contains most catalase, followed by carrot, then beetroot, onion and finally apple. Once the first oxygen bubble is delivered to the measuring cylinder, volume is recorded after precisely 1 The activity of potato catalase essay.

Due to the decrease in available active sites, the rate of reaction will decrease. From my table of results and graphs I can clearly see that the more surface area of catalase the more oxygen created in the 5 minute periods.

Enzyme Activity Using the Enzyme Catalase in Different Plant Sources

It must be mentioned as once the food sample is in contact with the hydrogen peroxide, they start reacting. Dependant Variable The dependant variable in my investigation is oxygen. This also gave me an idea of what results to expect in my practical and how I can perform a sensible experiment by being well aware of the corrosive acids and with the equipment being used.

Catalase enzymes will become denatured and unreactive at and below pH3 and also denatured when reaching high pH alkali levels above pH According to our results in table 2 and graph, the optimum temp was 37c? Concentration Another factor which affects the rate of reaction is concentration.

Using a centrifuge would mean you could use the exact amount of catalase each time. This is because the optimum pH of most types of catalase is 7, and so that the systems can all be kept constant. This shows that the recorded values in the carrot experiment are not clustered to the mean and there are outliers in the recorded values.

Volume of hydrogen peroxide: The results obtained matched the hypothesis which stated that 37c? All potato samples will be cut from using a size 5 borer and measured to 3cm in length.

Catalase on Hydrogen Peroxide

Therefore, the only way to make sure the data is not biased, is to be as fast as possible when putting the food samples in the test tubes containing hydrogen peroxide. As I am comparing two variables to each other, it would be wise to calculate the correlation of the two variables.

Place 3 pieces of the potato samples into a pH 3 buffer for exactly 1 minute. My understanding of the subject tells me that each type of enzyme has a specific duty and will only react with its complementary substrate, research also identifies that the active site of enzymes can become denatured when exposed to extreme changes to pH or temperature outside to their natural environment.

Repeat steps 3 to 8 at a different temp 60c? Heavy metal ions, such as copper ions in copper II sulphate, act as non-competitive inhibitors on catalase.

After plotting a scattergraph, I will proceed to find out the correlation if the correlation looks reasonable enough. II Having very specific and varying chemical reactions to make, each enzyme also exists in very different environments, for example Gastric lipase is an enzyme in the stomach of mammals that speeds up the digestion of foods, being in a very acidic environment their optimum pH range is III.

An Investigationin to the Effect of Ph on the Activity of Potato Tissue Catalase

Should no oxygen be measured after 3 minutes, record as 0. According to the figures and the graph above, it was clearly seen that potato had the highest enzyme activity than the other food samples. It is crucial to be aware of how even small changes in the pH of an enzyme can affect activity until the enzyme will eventually become denatured.

Height of oxygen bubbles cm using a ruler. The number of collisions will also increase.

Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Catalase Activity in a Potato

Mean height of oxygen bubbles in cm. I waited it to finish then starting another one. Refill upside down measuring cylinder with water 8.The aim of this investigation is to understand and monitor the effects pH levels have on catalase activity within controlled potato samples - Catalase activity in potato introduction.

Catalase is a type of enzyme that is found widespread among organisms that grow in the presence of oxygen (almost all living things) its specific use is.

Essay on The Effect of pH on the Activity of Catalase - The Effect of pH on the Activity of Catalase Planning Experimental Work Secondary Resources Catalase is a type of enzyme found in different types of foods such as potatoes, apples and livers. The Effect of pH on the Activity of Catalase - The Effect of pH on the Activity of Catalase Secondary resources: from my research I carried out, I have learnt that: Catalyse is an enzyme that is found in foods such as potato and liver.

Catalase activity in potato Essay

Optimum Temperature for Catalase in Potato. Print enzyme sets in and the denatured enzyme catalyses reactions with decreasing efficiency (Pangp). The optimum temperature for catalase activity was around °C, as indicated by the peak in figure 2.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the. The independent variable in this experiment will be the buffer solutions. A buffer solution is used to maintain the pH level throughout the reaction to ensure a fair test.

The investigation was carried out to determine how different ph levels and hydrogen concentrations, affect the activity of catalase in potato during the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to produce water and oxygen.

The activity of potato catalase essay
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