The effects of mcdonaldization of society

In essence, McDonaldization is the process of rationalization, albiet taken to extreme levels. Deskilling - A work force with the minimum abilities possible to complete simple focused tasks.

Efforts are related to focusing on quality instead of quantity, enjoying the unpredictability of service and product and employing more skilled workers without any outside control.

Eat and get out. Do as many things as you can do for yourself. People can do things at times they have never been able to do before. They dutifully carry their trash to friendly receptacles marked "thank you.

All shopping malls begin to look the same and all highway exits have the same assortment of businesses. Greater availability of goods and services to a bigger portion of the population.

How does McDonaldization affect us in every day life?

De-McDonaldization[ edit ] Many corporations have been making an effort to deny the rationalization of McDonaldization. By now, you might be thinking that this all sounds pretty good.

McDonaldization fits in well with fast paced, mobile, modern, dual career, single-parent, etc. I suggest words for each if you will follow the double space standard using these 3 outlines: Formal Organizations - definitions - words 2.

Their tasks are highly repetitive, highly routine, and predictable. Therefore, schools will become less effective at educating children as they will fail to develop creative thinkers.

People can get what they want almost instantly. Prenatal gender identification, "designer" pregnancies, fertility drugs, medical technology, and hospital births have dehumanized the birthing process. Public values efficiency and predictability, and people who are loyal to McDonalds overlook disadvantages note: It turns out that over-rationalizing a process in this manner has an unexpected side effect.


One of the fundamental aspects of McDonaldization is that almost any task can and should be rationalized. Present your opinion, with reasons why - words The above outlines should yield you around words each plus focuses you on how you should discuss each topic.McDonaldization, Society, and Education Hedieh Najafi Al-Khawarizmi International College Al Ain, United Arab Emirates In today’s world the effects of McDonaldization can be seen in all aspects of life not just in the food industry but also in culture, globalization, education, and higher education.

This paper intends to shed some light. The Effects of McDonaldization on Education Sociology McDonaldization is the term created by George Ritzer to describe the homogenous sociological event that is happening within our society.

The McDonaldization of Society George Ritzer introduced the concept of McDonaldization with his book, The McDonaldization of Society. Since that time the concept has become central within the field of sociology and especially within the. Overview. McDonaldization is the term invented by George Ritzer to describe a sociological phenomenom that is happening in our society.

You may think it started with Ray Kroc in the 's when he bought his first hamburger restaurant, but it's origins were actually much earlier than that. In fact, Henry Ford was the first McDonaldization. McDonaldization is a term developed by sociologist George Ritzer in his book The McDonaldization of Society ().

For Ritzer McDonaldization becomes manifested when a society adopts the characteristics of a fast-food restaurant. How does McDonaldization affect us in every day life? The process of "McDonaldization" is the process of rationalizing society. Is George Ritzer's theory of the McDonaldization of American.

The effects of mcdonaldization of society
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