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Michael selects texts from the Enlightenment, "with its emphasis on moral and ethical absolutes," and German classics by which means he tries to reclaim German heritage. He is emotionally stiff and does not easily express his emotions to Michael or his three siblings, which exacerbates the difficulties Hanna creates for Michael.

When I tried to The reader it, I had the feeling I was failing to condemn it as it must be condemned. Should we only fall silent in revulsion, shame and guilt? He returns eagerly to her apartment on a regular basis, and they begin a heated affair. She is accused of writing the account of the fire.

Hanna receives a life sentence for her admitted leadership role in the church deaths, while the other defendants are sentenced to four years and three months each. The daughter of a Jewish woman who wrote the book about the death march from Auschwitz.

They spend much of their time together having sex in her apartment after she has had Michael read to her from literary works The reader is studying. Hanna is at times physically and verbally abusive to Michael.

Her Nazism was accidental, and Franklin writes that Schlink offers no guidance about how to punish a brutality of convenience, rather than of ideology. Michael, diagnosed with scarlet feverrecuperates at home for the next three months.

Lies and Truth in Holocaust Fiction. She is 36, illiterate and working as a tram conductor in Neustadt when she first meets year-old Michael. But to me it was always an extraordinarily unconventional love story.

She is convicted and sentenced to life in prison while the other women receive only minor sentences. He asks himself and the reader: Characters[ edit ] Michael Berg, a German man who is first portrayed as a year-old boy and is revisited at later parts of his life; notably, when he is a researcher in legal history, divorced with one daughter, Julia.

Not even the court could call me to account.

Michael has fond memories of her pampering him as a child, which his relationship with Hanna reawakens. She takes a dominant position in their relationship. She writes to Michael, but he cannot bring himself to reply. A group of middle-aged women who had served as SS guards at a satellite of Auschwitz in occupied Poland are being tried for allowing Jewish women under their ostensible "protection" to die in a fire locked in a church that had been bombed during the evacuation of the camp.

Ilana tells Michael there is nothing to be learned from the camps and refuses the money.

Let’s Be Friends

Lerner to Zychlinsky, index. But even as I wanted to understand Hanna, failing to understand her meant betraying her all over again.

The key evidence in the trial is the testimony of Ilana Mather Alexandra Maria Laraauthor of a memoir relating how she and her mother Lena Olinwho also testifies, survived. Michael Ralph Fiennesmeanwhile, marries, has a daughter, and divorces. Michael must read it in English since its German translation has not yet been published: And as always, the alien language, unmastered and struggled over, created a strange concatenation of distance and immediacy.

But it was impossible to do both.

He feels a difficult identification with the victims when he learns that Hanna often picked one prisoner to read to her, as she chose him later on, only to send that girl to Auschwitz and the gas chamber after several months.

It is summarized at some length and even briefly quoted, although its title is never given.WineSellar and Brasserie Sorrento Valley pm: $1 off all cocktails, draft beers, and wines by the glass. Appetizers $3-$ De Oro Mine Co Spring Valley. The Reader has 6, ratings and 1, reviews.

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The Reader

And not only because it’s a book that focuses on /5. The Reader is a provocative and heartbreaking film which tells the tale of a May-September affair between Hanna (Kate Winslet) and 15 year-old Michael (David Kross) in the decade after WWII/5(3K). Jan 02,  · THE READER opens in post-war Germany when teenager Michael Berg becomes ill and is helped home by Hanna, a stranger twice his age.

Michael recovers from scarlet fever and seeks out Hanna to thank her/10(K). "The Reader" is a response to post-Nazi Germany, and the ways in which people reconcile the past with their present. Even more disturbing is how the film, and the novel from which this is adapted 62%.

Hailed for its coiled eroticism and the moral claims it makes upon the reader, this mesmerizing novel is a story of love and secrets, horror and compassion, unfolding against the /5().

The reader
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