Water pollution week 2 assignment

This process, known as eutrophication, impedes the development of higher life forms, such as fish. Suspended Solids or Sediments Suspended solids in water are mainly sand, silt and minerals eroded from the land.

Solar energy is both renewable and non-polluting and provides ideal energy source. Normal tanker operations and spillage from oil tankar accidents cause marine pollution and shore contamination. During the hot summer months bush fires are common in Australia and in the Pacific coast arid areas in USA.

This results in greater wastage of water in the form of its vapour and so on. Water is also used as a coolant in many industries. These chemicals are recent additions to the list: Industrial wastes and acid rain may also contribute to the acidity of natural waters.

The addition of phosphorus to water, in the form of the phosphate anion PO, encourages the formation of algae, which reduces the dissolved oxygen concentration of water. Gulf Oil Spill Paper The Gulf of Mexico oil spill that started on April 20,and ran 86 days was a terrible disaster, but is was also a grimly informative experiment.

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This lab will allow you to investigate the effects of common pollutants on groundwater as well as mimic the filtration process utilized by wastewater treatment facilities.

Bush fires, are another type of natural disasters, are of common occurrence in some regions of the world due to hot summer and lightning.


Not very toxic to animals, toxic to plants and algae. Include the following items: If water is relatively acidic and read pipes are used for water transport, then the water is liable to get contaminated with lead pH of drinking water should be between 5.

Water downstream from amine may be contaminated by acid mine drainage, the result of microbial oxidation of discarded waste material at the mine site. Ozone Hole In september, scientists reported a large hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.

SCI 207 SCI/207 SCI207 Week 2 Lab Water Quality and Contamination-(2 DIFFERENT SETS OF LABS)-LATEST

Cite at least two references. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Lead Causes anaemia, kidney malfunctioning, nervous disorder. This results in faster assimilation of water wastes and hence faster depletion of dissolved oxygen which affects aquatic life.SCI SCI/ SCI Week 2 Lab Water Quality and Contamination-(2 DIFFERENT SETS OF LABS)-LATEST.

Water Quality and ultimedescente.com Lab 2: Water Quality and Contamination. Apr 20,  · ultimedescente.com Applying Theory: Environmental Issues. Your goal for this assignment is to apply an ethical theory to a real-world situation. Submit Your Assignment; Make Payment; WATER POLLUTION.

On the average, man consumes about 2 L of water daily. About 70% of human body is water. Survival of plants is not possible without water.


CONTROL OF WATER POLLUTION. Some of the steps which are helpful for the control of water pollution are being described as follows. Analysis of th origins & effects of water pollution, social, economic, and environmental issues with distribution, purification and use of water, and the prevention of water pollution.

Water Pollution Assignment by Tristyn Clarke on Prezi. View Homework Help - Week 2 Powerpoint assignment from SOC 1 at Ashford University. Environmental Harms: Pollution of Water and Air Jennifer Stewart SOC Introduction to Ethics &. Essay about Water pollution week 2 assignment  Water pollution Mary Theresa Peck Psy / October 13, Aaron Graczyk Water pollution Introduction The .

Water pollution week 2 assignment
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