Writing a news report year 1066

Online - Get most of the crucial information in the top four paragraphs. If so, make a list. Remind students to think about how their scripts might be different, depending on the platform they are using.

What happened in the rest of the world in 1066?

What pictures would they use to illustrate the report? Crucial dates on which things happened in a particular place, which defined eras and in some cases, still define Britons today. But my favourite moment in is from China, where Sima Guang began writing his monumental history of China, known as the "comprehensive mirror to aid in government".

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There are, of course, dates in each of our lives we will always remember. But there are also dates like that in history, dates that have been drummed into our heads through countless school history lessons, textbooks and commemorations: And the same question could be asked of crucial dates in history - famous because of an event happening normally in just one part of the world.

TV - Students will need to think about the pictures - what shots would illustrate their reports? Willl students include a piece-to-camera? How about 5 November when Guy Fawkes and his cabal were plotting to blow up Parliament and the king? These are all the bits you have - put them in order of where they will go in your report.

Writing for TV, Radio and Online Give your students the same piece of text as in the Writing Concisely section, the mobile phone study, or a story of your choice and ask students to choose between writing a piece for TV, one for radio and one for online.

Radio - Think about using many more describing words so students can paint a picture for the people who are listening. The Norman knights were also expanding into Sicily and mainland Italy, while the migration of Seljuk Turks from Central Asia was about to threaten the Byzantine Empire, eventually leading to the call for the First Crusade.

Newspaper Templates & Reports

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel British people tend to see the world through key dates,etc.

The problem with learning history by key dates and moments is that it gives us a spotlit view of the past - bright stars of major events twinkling against a giant - but dark and mysterious - night sky of history. Carolus had earned his living by producing handwritten newsletters, gathering the news from a network of contacts across Europe.

Russia was enduring its "time of troubles" - as immortalised in the opera Boris Godunov - and subsequent conflict with the powerful alliance of Poland-Lithuania.

What else was going on around the world at the same time as the Olympics? Historic moments from the Magazine.

Lesson 3: Writing news

What sounds would help their audience understand what is going on - eg:Oct 20,  · Re - great title for a newspaper please!? As part of my daughter's history homework she has to do a front page of a newspaper as if writing about the Battle of Hastings from either perspective - Harold's side or William's side and I just wondered if anyone had any great ideas for the title of the paper?Status: Resolved.

Lesson on the build up to the Battle of Hastings with a detailed powerpoint. The two worksheets are a battle report to write on the Battle of Hastings and storyboard task of 4/4(2). Army movements before Battle of Hastings, Bat Over the years their population expanded, merged with the French culture, acquired more land, and grew in power.

Newspaper report: The Battle of Hastings

InKing Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark successfully invaded England and became the new king so establishing the Danish dynasty and forcing the deposed King Ethelred II /5(2).

The Redhill Academy Redhill Road Arnold Nottingham, NG5 8GX England, UK. News; Help; URBrainy. Report writing. Newspaper report: The Battle of Hastings. Newspaper report: The Battle of Hastings. Template and suggestions for a newspaper report on The Battle of Hastings.

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Writing a news report year 1066
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