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If you like drama, sexy men with guns and elegant figures with a bit more spice in the explicitness area this should be one of your favorites. As mentioned above, the plot is action driven, with a rather common abuse at the beginning, and later it develops into a mafia war. There is no pink here, only some humorous situations; and when you think you are seeing love it is the hard version of it, or the desire to posses.

On an extra note, this couple is certainly not equally standing from what we can see; Asami would be top of the tops seriously! The sex scenes can be considered explicit, even when they might seem average most of the times; some feature BDSM, and others have very explicit details like blood.

You are invited to join and participate in the discussion. While Akihito keeps trying really hard to keep his manly pride in front of such a strong man.

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A lot of wicked characters and some that are not exactly what they look like. Fairly interesting and absorbing, even with a lot of sex scenes it manages to have a story to support most of them and get you interested in it. We will hopefully see more of this in future chapters.

Finder Series is a really exciting story about power, desire and a really complex relationship in a dangerous environment.

The colored art is great by the way; the mangaka knows how to make really beautiful pieces and has improved significantly over the years, her art books are just great. Makes one doubt about how unique is his relationship with Asami.

Youre My Loveprize In Viewfinder แปลไทย

Besides there are some non consensual ones and pretty much all of them go straight to the point. Enjoyment 8 Finder Series is basically an action story.

The charm of it resides in the twists, the danger, and the rush. We even have a malicious super sexy longhaired Chinese nemesis that almost, just almost, equals Asami in power and presence. I mean a sexy action yaoi story. I would call it sexy art. The funny scenes, on the other hand, change the style a bit, making the characters look cuter.

The characters might seem kind of transparent at the beginning but they get more and more complex as the story progresses.Read You're my loveprize in Viewfinder manga chapters for're my loveprize in Viewfinder manga could read the latest and hottest You're my loveprize in.

Nội dung. 1 chương ngắn từ tạp chí GOLD của VF.

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Manga khác cùng tác giả. ViewFinder. ViewFinder Tên khác: Finder Series; Viewfinder; Thể loại 18+, Action, Drama, Mature, Tác giả: YAMANE Ayano Nội dung: Takaba Akihito là một chàng phóng viên trẻ trung, đầy nhiệt huyết và chính nghĩa, vì vậy mà cậu thường săn tin tức của.

* This was a rec from Kyn and I read all available chapters in Manga Rock in 5 days. I've discovered manga is awesome to read in bus/car/underground trips, stolen moments at work when it's slow, and everytime I fancy it, because it's easy to follow and doesn't require great concentration in catching-up/5().

Finder manga - read Finder manga chapters for free, but no downloading Finder manga chapters required Viewfinder; Viewfinder Series; You're my loveprize in Viewfinder (Cage in the Viewfinder) Extra: Risky Society: God Bless My Justice 3. Finder no Sekiyoku (One Wing in the Viewfinder).

You're my loveprize in Viewfinder

Extra, edición especial de aniversario. Finder Character book. Extra, animate edition Extra, limited edition Extra, PixI V edition (bebé) Etiquetas: Activa, Yamane Ayano, You're my loveprize in viewfinder. 34 comentarios: Giovana Abot 19 de enero deo link do cap 46 não esta funcionando ;) o blog é ótimo parabens.

Looking for information on the anime Finder Series (You're My Love Prize)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Twenty-three-year old Takaba Akihito is a young freelance photographer who takes pride in his work and seeks to get a major "scoop." After he takes photographs .

Youre my loveprize in viewfinder extra
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